10 Family-Friendly Movies About Love

movie_watchingWhether you’re a couple or a whole family looking to soak up some romantic sentiment, we compiled a fresh round of ten wholesome standards from yesterday and today.

So start scrolling through Netflix or scouting out a DVD sale at your favorite big box store for an uplifting blend of live action and animated tales, chronicling everything from falling in love, to restoring fractured relationships, to simply finding friendship within the context of this special day.

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The Town That Came A Courtin’

 town_inline_2The Town That Came A-Courtin’. Get ready to laugh and cheer as a small town tries to set up its mayor (played by Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Cameron Bancroft) with a famous author (Picket Fences/NCIS star Lauren Holly), complete with all the clever turns that can only come when a whole community plays matchmaker.Be sure to also pay close attention for a very special cameo from The Mary Tyler Moore Show/Rhoda legend Valerie Harper.

The Princess Bride

princess_brideWith every year that passes, this 1987 treasure continues to influence younger generations while still stirring the souls of the young at heart. That’s because it tells the timeless tale of a humble stable boy falling in love with a well off beauty, who is of course pledged to marry royalty, even if that match isn’t exactly made in heaven.

Nonetheless, there’s plenty of chivalry across the whimsical adventure story that also includes its fair share of abductions and swordplay, rounded out by an all-star cast including Peter FalkFred SavageBilly CrystalMandy Patinkin and “The Eighth Wonder Of The World” Andre The Giant.

Sleepless in Seattle

sleepless_inlineNothing says ‘90s romantic comedies like this modern day Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan masterpiece.

For those needing a quick refresher, it follows a widowed father who gets coaxed by his son to call a radio show, only to become the constant object of encouragement by female listeners who send letters of condolences by the thousands.

Naturally, there’s one note writing lady in particular who just knows they’re meant to be together, but first she’ll have to shake off her fiancé and find a way to meet her better match face to face.

Be My Valentine Charlie Brown

charlie_brown_0It may be an animated feature, but there’s still tons to love throughout this 1975 Peanuts staple for viewers of all ages.

First off, how can anyone resist cuddly characters like Charlie BrownSnoopyLinus and Lucy, as created by the incomparable ?

And second, even if the main character doesn’t get the girl of his dreams (not a spoiler since he never seems to have much luck), what’s not to love about an eternal optimist hoping that next year will at least be a little bit better?


fireproof_inlineNot every couple approaches February 14 with the same spark, particularly if they’re going through a rough patch in their marriage.

But leave it to former Growing Pains heartthrob Kirk Cameron (circa 2008) to lead a lesson in the movie Fireproof — no matter how many grievances a couple has with one another, there’s always hope for full-fledged redemption thanks to the power of prayer and forgiveness.


Father of the Bride

father_of_the_brideTechnically speaking, Father Of The Bride first hit the silver screen in 1950, but the definitive version is unequivocally the 1991 edition starring Steve MartinDiane KeatonKimberly Williams and Martin Short.

Not only does it paint a heartwarming picture of a daddy planning to give away his little girl (loaded with hysterical trials and tantrums), but it’s sure fire cure to shatter the pre-nuptial jitters, especially as so many plan to tie the knot this Valentine’s Day.

Pride & Prejudice

pride_prejudiceMost recently, Jane Austen’s ageless book took to the screen in 2005 featuring Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy (the eventual focus of her affection).

Sure, the two might get off to a rocky start, but thanks to some unpredictable intertwining of their seemingly divergent classes and circumstances, there’s a charming love story that unfolds to redefine the age old adage of “never say never.”

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

guess_whoIn 1967, the idea of interracial marriages wasn’t nearly as common as it is today, which made Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner particularly groundbreaking.

The classic couple combination of Sidney Poitier and Katharine Houghton sure did have their work cut out for them when meeting up with the leading lady’s parents (played by Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn) and vice-versa, though in the end, a message of unconditional love wins out against unjustified prejudices.


The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That! Hurray! It’s Valentine’s Day!

cat_hatRunning a very close second to the Peanuts gang are all of Dr. Seuss’ fabulous friends, who put their spin on the V-Day celebration throughout this animated excursion (released a mere year ago).

Rather then revolving specifically around romance, The Cat In The Hat makes a case that friendship is just important on this special day, especially when you’ve got a list that includes the equally engaging Nick, Sally and Fish (to name a few), along with some superb voice work from the unmistakable Martin Short (who just can’t ever seem to get enough of the heart-centered celebration).

Valentine’s Day

vdayOnce the little ones are tucked into bed, the textbook way to wrap up the day could very well be this famous favorite from 2010 bearing the holiday’s namesake.

One of the most star-studded casts in motion picture history (Julia RobertsAshton KutcherJamie FoxxShirley MacLaineJessica AlbaQueen LatifahGeorge LopezTaylor Lautner and tons more), cycles through every triumph and blunder imaginable as they attempt to impress the loves of their life.

Somehow, this fast-paced flick (directed by Happy Days/The Odd Couple creator Garry Marshall) manages to strike a chord with everyone from newlyweds to veteran couples and even singles looking for plenty of laughs revolving around love.