9-Year-Old Spent Her Holiday Raising Money for Tornado Victims

kyndal_inline-200x300As written by Maria…

This is my nine-year-old daughter, Kyndal. She decided in late November she wanted to raise money for a Kokomo, Indiana Tornado victim. She started making small loom bracelets and selling them for $1 each. She raised over $642 and presented it to someone she had never met before on a bitter cold afternoon on Dec. 21.

She met Phyllis Rollins at the site of where her home once stood, in Kokomo. Kyndal was fighting pneumonia at the time, but said, “I have to get her the money so she can have a good Christmas”.

Kyndal is a very UPLIFTING young person with a heart of gold. She is very caring and thoughtful, which isn’t very common among our youth these days. I am so very PROUD of Kyndal, every single day.