Daily Devotions: A Consistent Walk Along the Right Path

From The Winning Way by Morris Pickens

A Consistent Walk Along the Right Path

winning-way-coverStewart Cink has learned the value of consistency. His key to success is very simple: “I try to stick with my routine. I make an effort to stay with my game.”

Stewart has said that he gets ready for tournaments by trying to do the same things in the same ways no matter what the conditions.

I try to prepare my ball flight to be a very neutral type of ball flight. Maybe the winds will be blowing really hard, or maybe the greens will be very soft. The fact is, conditions are always variable. Even so, I try to play in such a way that I don’t have to alter my game very much. I try to be consistent day in and day out. Sure, the conditions affect what I do, but my goal is to remain the same, as much as possible, so that I don’t have to make huge adjustments to my game all the time.

It’s the same thing in my life… in my Christian walk. I try to be the same person every day. I try to respond to situations in the same fashion, being true to myself, and true to my beliefs.

The key term here is consistency. It’s walking with God day by day through life with a steady, step-by-step pace. That’s why I like the term walk to describe the Christian life. It’s not a sprint, and it’s not a crawl. It is a movement forward at a steady pace.

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