Daily Devotions: Every Season Has a Reason

From The Single Woman by Mandy Hale

Every Season Has a Reason

single-woman-coverA certain melancholy always comes with the changing of seasons. Lazy summer nights turn into brisk fall evenings, cool fall breezes are replaced by the falling snow, and the never-ending winter suddenly reveals that it does, in fact, have an expiration date. And the season that changed your life in so many ways falls away with the leaves on the trees and becomes just another memory to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.

Typically, when Mother Nature shifts from one season to the next, we notice a visceral shift in our own lives, nudging us gently from one era to another, urging us always to reach for the next level and refuse to remain stagnant. I think God created the seasons as a gentle reminder that nothing in life is permanent: not joy, not pain, not friendship, and sometimes not even love.

I’ve learned that you can’t force someone to be in your life, no matter how badly you might want him or her there. Things change. People change. Feelings change. You can either cling to the past and miss out on the future or accept the circumstances as they are, roll with the punches, and say good-bye to anything or anyone that no longer has a place in your life. Remember, even seasonal situations can bring with them lessons that last a lifetime. If the love doesn’t last, it prepares you for the one that will. If the limb you’re standing on breaks, it is teaching you how to fly. If the career path ends, inexplicably and without warning, it’s nudging you toward your greater purpose.

Seasons come, seasons go, seasons change, but the lessons remain. You can’t force a season to last if its time has passed. Happiness is loving every season for different reasons. Embrace the season you’re in, and when it’s time to let go, embrace your chance to begin again.

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