Daily Devotions: Rise Up

From Being Still with God by Henry and Richard Blackaby

Rise Up

Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” –John 5:8
being-still-coverLegend had it that the first person into the pool at Bethesda whenever the water moved – supposedly stirred up by an angel – would be healed. A crowd of desperate, hurting, needy people huddled around the pool vainly hoping for a miracle.

Jesus encountered a man who had been lame for thirty-eight years. The man explained his predicament: “No one can help me into the pool, so someone always beats me into the water.” Having no one to help him meant he was also friendless, alone, abandoned.

When Jesus walked into this man’s life, though, this once-lame man took a step of faith and turned to God. He didn’t have all the theological answers yet, but he could not mistake his encounter with the Divine.

Note that after the man was healed, Jesus instructed him to “sin no more” (v. 14). Previously the man had exercised little control over what happened to him. But now that he had met Jesus, he could – out of gratitude – choose not to sin; he could decide to follow Jesus.

In what ways has God blessed you? Protected you? Guided you? What has your response been? You are no longer merely a helpless victim! Jesus has set you free!

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© 2007 by Dr.’s Henry and Richard Blackaby