Daily Devotions: The Turning Devotional, Lesson 12

From the Devotional Fiction book The Turning.


“There is a God in heaven who reveals secrets.”
Daniel 2:28 (nlt)

turning-coverDaniel was a man who prepared himself for the moments when God sought to use him. He retreated to his tower room. He prayed, he fasted, and he restricted the types of food he ate. Daniel’s preparations are not necessarily your own. Still, it is important for you to accept that preparations may be required, so that in the moment when God communicates, we are truly prepared to extend our awareness beyond the scope of human understanding.

Consider two such ways.

1. Some aspect of your life or emotions or thinking process might repeatedly arise during your quiet time. This may also take the form of recalling some past action or event. The temptation here is to be flooded with shame, or regret, or even rage. Remember what was said about such moments in earlier lessons: When you become aware that your focus has strayed, release the emotions without struggle, and return to disciplined listening.

• Afterwards, you may come to realize that a call has been placed upon your heart to change some aspect of your life. It is important to recognize this for what it is: God has revealed himself through this gentle invitation. And no matter how hard this task may first appear, remember that God will be there with you through it all. His power and his wisdom and his love are your  to call upon.

2. Such changes might arise in the form of a desire to make some definite act that anchors your
new discipline of listening in a concrete fashion. One common means is through fasting.

• Such abstinence need not be about food. It can be a period of not speaking, and can last as little as several hours. It can be from shopping. Or using the Internet. Or anything else in your life that holds you back from arriving at a point of internal calm.

• Remember, this is not a definite requirement. This is between you and God. But if such an invitation is made, it is done so with love and with one aim in mind: To bring you closer to your Lord.

• Such practices might appear insignificant at first. But these outward efforts can serve a vital purpose, one far beyond merely anchoring your time of attentiveness. They can also help prepare you for the arrival of a spiritual gift.

• Spiritual gifts, including that of hearing when God speaks, do not simply arise in polished form. They are diamonds drawn from raw beginnings, with great potential value, but only after they are carved and polished and made ready.

• What step might you take to be better able and ready to hear God?

• Remember, God does not call you to do the impossible. Above all else, God wants you to succeed. He will reward your efforts. He will pave the way so that the next step, whatever it might be, comes naturally.

(c) 2014 by David Bun

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