Daily Devotions: The Turning Devotional, Lesson 4

From the Devotional Fiction book The Turning.


“As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forevermore.”
Psalm 125: 2

turning-coverSome of us are anxious about the act of listening because we fear the voices and urges we hear inside our minds. Some believers are concerned that the discipline of attentiveness may bring them into greater contact with those aspects of our thoughts and emotions that they are already struggling with.

• A different perspective can be taken here. By so doing, our concerns are transformed from a
barrier into an opportunity.

• First, remember that God has placed in you this desire to draw near for a reason. He calls to
you, and despite all the pressures and tumult and memories and emotions you experience, you
yearn to respond.

• By taking this first step, by committing to the act of disciplined listening, you open a door through
which God can help you deal with whatever internal barrier that concerns or frightens you.

• If this is the case, begin your times of listening with a Bible passage like the one above, which
anchors in place the blessed assurance that God is with you, that he wants you to come, that he
seeks to use this time to help you become free you of these issues.

• Take a moment to find your own special passage, one that speaks to your heart about God’s
protective presence. And then dwell in attentiveness for a few moments.

• If any turmoil or memory arises and clouds your time, do not fight it. Simply turn it over to
God. Return to your Bible passage. Then devote another few minutes to listening.

(c) 2014 by David Bun

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