Daily Devotions: WHEN GOD SPEAKS

From Fire Yourself by Willy Stewart & Theresa Allen



Genesis 1:3 (ESV): “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.”

The word “universe” in the Greek is quite telling. “Uni” means single, and “verse” means sentence. Therefore, we live in a “single spoken sentence.” The Lord God is the everlasting God. He is the Creator of all. He speaks, and the sound of His voice commands attention and a response. He spoke into nothingness, and all that is came into being. He speaks to the winds and the waves, and they are calmed (Luke 8:22-25). He speaks, and the sick are healed (John 4:50). At the command of His voice, the dead rise and live again (John 11:41-44). This same omnipotent One can speak peace over your situation. Nothing is too difficult for God (Jeremiah 32:17). Christ compels His children to ask, seek, and knock (Matthew 7:7-12), and He promises to hear our prayers and answer.

Nature knows the voice of God and obeys. Sin, sickness, and death know the voice of God and tremble. Do you know the voice of God? Allow Him to speak truth and life into your heart.

Listen closely…God is speaking to you today!