Daughter Uplifts Mother with Alzheimer’s by Getting Notes from Marines


As written by Roberta…

MaryAlice Moore is the type of daughter every mother wishes for.  Her mother is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Every day, MaryAlice goes to be with her mom and makes sure she gets the care she needs and deserves. MaryAlice takes videos of her mom and posts them for the Women Marines (her mom served with the Marines from 1950-1955).

Just before Christmas, MaryAlice put out a call to all Marines asking for them to only send greetings to her mom. Sgt. MOM has gotten a new lease on life with all the attention from Marines who have followed in her footsteps. Her eyes just shine when MaryAlice reads and shows Sgt. MOM the cards she received.

Sgt. MOM has also received visits from Marine veterans as well as from active duty Marines.

Sgt. MOM seems to be thriving from all the attention. How better to honor a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

A job well done Marines and MaryAlice…and thank you for sharing Sgt. MOM with us all!