Delivers Kids and Women to Safety from Snow Storm


As written by Rashan…

Let me share my Atlanta Hero of the Year story. Brian Shroyer has a beautiful soul. He lives in my neighborhood of Brookshire in Woodstock, Georgia. I have never met him. He saw me on the road trying to get out of my subdivision slipping, crashing and sliding and pulled up beside me in his Toyota truck. I was in a panic to pick up my two kids (four and two) from KinderCare. Without hesitation, he took me to go get them. It took us four hours to drive eight miles to and from the school to get us home safe. No complaints, wouldn’t accept gas from me and didn’t even think twice about helping a total stranger.

The story gets better. The very next morning, after my wife was stranded on the roads 22 hours, I texted him in another panic because I had no one else to turn to, and I let him know she was still out there. I told him where she was stranded and again, without hesitation — and braving the ice on Highway 92 — he went and got her and a few other ladies that were stranded, getting them all home safely.

He is a hero to me and all of this happened on my birthday. What a wonderful present.

(Photos courtesy of Brian Shroyer’s Facebook page)