Daryn Kagan: Do You Let Your Kids Watch?

darynkagan“Chirpity chirp!” went my phone alerting me to a text message.

Nothing like interrupting a special moment with my kid with what turned out to be a heavy philosophical question about parenting.

There I was a couple weeks ago, snuggled up on the couch watching TV with my daughter when I heard my phone chirpity chirp. The text was from the mother of one of my daughter’s close friends. “Do you let your daughter watch ‘The Bachelor?’” she wanted to know.

Have you ever wanted to turn around to see if someone is spying in through your den window? I did at that moment because it turns out I happened to be cuddled up on the couch with my daughter watching, you guessed it, “The Bachelor.”

And so opens up that challenging can of worms: What do you let your kids watch on TV? We might as well be modern grownups about this. It’s not just TV. It’s also books, movies, video games, websites and various apps. So, it’s out there, my choice that I’m sure many parents will not agree with. Not only do I let my daughter watch “The Bachelor,” I watch it with her.

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