Dog Rescue that Finds Homes for Hospice Patients’ Dogs

As written by Marc…

My wife Tracy started a dog rescue in July, 2013. The rescue, Harpers Haven Dog Rescue, takes in the dogs of hospice patients and finds them new homes. This gives the patients a measure of peace that their beloved dog does not have to go into a shelter and possibly get euthanized.

She has placed approximately 20 dogs since the rescue started and Tracy currently has four dogs available for adoption. Tracy got the idea six years ago when a woman from our church had a brain tumor. Family members were able to take in the woman’s 13-year-old daughter, but not her four-year-old dog.  Since this was before Facebook, Tracy made approximately 100 phone calls, and found Dakota a good home!

Tracy is UPlifting because she not only helps these dogs, but she also comforts the patient, often times introducing them to the family who is adopting their dog. If a dog is deemed “unadoptable” because of age, illness or antisocial behavior, they will live out their days at the ‘Hospice Hope and Elder Paw Sanctuary’ on the grounds of our home. This allows the patient to be at peace in their final days, knowing a loved furry member of the family is well taken care of also.