Physical Handicaps Haven’t Slowed Woman’s Ability to Uplift Others


tabitha1_inline-1-218x300Jodie writes…

My mom’s name is Tabitha and for the past six years she has ran her ministry/mission (God’s Luvmail Mission).  My mom was born with half of her left arm, which has three fingers, no right arm and at nine months old, her right leg had to be amputated.  She has never allowed this to stop her from helping and uplifting others.

She delivers Luv-Bags to children who are hospitalized and she mails small gifts to kids throughout the United States who are battling sickness or are from low-income families.  This year she has blessed 3,330 children and adults with Luvmail.  Since starting her Luvmail Mission, she has blessed 11,445 children and adults.

My mom doesn’t do this for recognition, but simply as a call from God.  She strongly believes in living her life as a servant to others knowing God will supply her every need.  She lives her life to uplift others through her mission, uplifting daily text messages and messages via Facebook to hundreds of people who follow her.

My mom, in my opinion is a true definition of Uplifting.