Single Mother Started Non-Profit Organization to Help Families with Disabilities


As written by Laura…

Debbie has sacrificed everything and started a non-profit organization [Lollipop Kids Foundation] that serves families who have children with disabilities. In the past three years, over 700 families have been affected. Several hundred thousand dollars worth of durable medical equipment has been collected and redistributed to children whose families do not have the resources to otherwise obtain it.

A year ago, she opened a therapeutic center in Rockville, Maryland. Programs include an “equipment closet” for durable medical equipment, family support, sibling support, family outings and dinners and much more.

She is gearing up to launch a disability etiquette awareness program in March. Initially it will be local, but the goal is for it to go national.

To date, Debbie has not had a salary — all programs have been free of charge. Funding has been through grants and donations, however the money raised has not offset her costs.

She works countless hours each week to keep the program running as there is a huge referral base including medical professionals and case workers.

She is a single mom raising her 19-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter and has extremely limited financial resources to care for her own family.

Her son Ryan suffered a traumatic brain injury at the age of 11 months when he was accidentally hit in the head with a golf club by his father. Ryan is an inspirational child who is dependent for all activities of daily care.

Prior to starting the foundation, Debbie owned a successful for-profit business which has allowed her to navigate the business aspects of starting a foundation. Funding limitations negatively impact her ability to serve more families and offer additional programs.