Started Free Birthing Clinic in the Philippines


Kristin writes…

In 2001, 18-year-old Hilary Overton moved from Texas to the Philippines, where she enrolled in midwifery school and then began a free Christian clinic (GloryReborn).  Since then, her clinic has delivered more than 3,000 healthy babies, employs 30 Filipina nurses and midwives, two on-staff counselors, one social worker, and provides seven health classes and free monthly vaccinations.  The women who wait for pre-natal checkups are encouraged with Bible studies, personal prayer, the Gospel message, and the opportunity for baby dedications after birth of  the baby.  Every week, Hilary and her husband also volunteer medical aid in a red-light district and women’s prison, and help distribute food at a garbage dump where over 32,000 people live.

When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, Hilary bravely worked through the night, even delivering babies who refused to wait until after the storm.  Since then, women have come from all over the nation to receive quality care that would be impossible for them to afford elsewhere.  Hilary has devoted her life to the Philippines and she deserves the recognition she’s never spent time trying to receive.  Please select her as your Uplifting Person of the Day, so that more people might surround her and the clinic with the support and encouragement they need.