Strangers Change Waitress’ Life With Large Tip

sailors_inline_0Abigail Sailors, an 18-year-old waitress, had been working at a Cracker Barrel restaurant and saving up to further her education at Trinity Bible College.

When two strangers walked into her place of work, she had no idea how her life would be changed — and how she could pursue her dream — thanks to their generosity.

The customers, who Sailors has kept anonymous, began asking about her family and her life. When she revealed her plans to return to school, she was informed by one of the patrons that they went to the same school she was trying to get her degree from. He wrote two checks as a tip — $5,000 to help cover her studies and $1,000 for her personal expenses.

Read more about her uplifting experience — one that she believes wasn’t just a coincidence, but rather “God-ordained”.