Delivering Toys and Smiles to Kids in the Hospital

(Editor’s Note: Today’s Uplifting Person of the Day was submitted by reader Norman A. Brown — The Toy Doctor, who nominated himself.  In light of his story, it’s hard to argue him being our “Uplifting Person of the Day” on Christmas.  Do you know of an uplifting person?  Tell us about them!)

Norman writes…

I have been giving out toys to children in hospitals since 1993, and this past July, I went to see the children at the Shriners Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and gave out lots of toys. All I ask of them is a smile on their faces.  I will be visiting the same hospital again with lots of toys and lots of special gifts.

I am 62 now and am not working, it’s just my wife that works.  I didn’t have a honeymoon when when I got married. I just would like you to know that I ask nothing of this note, I only ask for the smiles on children’s faces.  I am working on visiting a children’s hospital in New York City next year, but at this time, I have no money.

God Bless the children in the United States and the world.  Thank you to all my friends.

– Norman A. Brown, The Toy Doctor.