Man Battling Leukemia Mentors Others

As written by Holly…

My husband Keith was diagnosed with lymphoma after almost a year of medical issues, including a massive brain aneurysm. He is in the hospital receiving inpatient chemo for two weeks out of every four.

His oncologist said the chemo would “beat him up pretty bad” and he might feel up to working one or two days a month. Keith decided to ignore that and believe he would be the exception that sails right through and, for the most part, he has. In the video above you can see how he spent Christmas.


He is working on treat bags to hand out while he is in the hospital over Valentine’s Day.  He spends four to six hours each day mentoring young photographers, even while he is in the hospital hooked up to an IV pole. Last week he was hospitalized for two days because he caught a cold, that with his compromised immune system, settled in a gland and caused a major infection. Even then, while he was receiving IV antibiotics, he was on the phone helping others.

He is personally responsible for hundreds of young photographers achieving their goals.

Instead of bemoaning the fact that he lost his hair, he is using it as a way to make himself and others laugh.

Life has dealt my husband an extremely tough hand. But he is finding the joy and finding a

way to still be the amazing giving person he has always been.

I thank God for him every day, that I am so blessed to be the recipient of his generous spirit. He has never once complained or expected special treatment because of his illness. He is an inspiration to everyone who knows him.