Woman Makes Siblings of Special Needs Kids Christmas a Bit Brighter


Margo writes…

Sandra started the support group Sibling Tree completely on her own and has little to no funds to support it.  She does it completely on her own time and her own dime.  She networks with other organizations in the area who also support children/people with special needs.

Her organization is a support group for the siblings of these special needs children as she recognizes – having been one herself – that the siblings need support as well and a place to go where they can interact with other siblings and learn that they are not alone.

She created a “Wish List” on Facebook with items that she wanted for Christmas and her birthday which are all items needed for her Sibling Tree group.

She turned 24 recently.  She has presented the idea to other agency heads in the area as they would like her to start groups in their areas as well.

Her group website is http://www.siblingtree.org and she hopes to offer these support groups in as many places as possible over the years.